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Our Theme advanced admin panel will help you customize almost any part of your website as easy and as comfortably as you could ever imagine. Here you will find one of the widest range of options provided to adjust template to your needs and create a unique style for it.

The color of every element on the site can be changed to the one you want. Crazy amount of fonts for the headings and body, just select the desired font and set size, color and line-height for it! Choose layout style (wide or boxed) with the individual settings availiable for each, activate or deactivate responsiveness. Select size, position, color and font for your buttons, or/and add icons to them.

Customize your header and footer, tune blog and portfolio sections with advanced options, set up any social network, add sidebar and edit its options, use awesome Mint slider which is ready to appear on any page with a few clicks – everything is just easy and simple. Many other settings and custom CSS input will allow to realize your ideas on site and enjoy the results.